Kimmys' Kissables: The Beginning 
We've all heard about hidden jewelry products; mostly the jewelry candles. I fell in love with the idea! How exciting to buy one product, only to find a bonus gift that could be worth $5000 or more! I instantly wanted to create my own and share with the world!

However, after a little research, I realized there were A LOT of jewelry candles already being shared with the world. I was very disappointed, to say the least. So I racked my brain to come up with an idea that was different but just as fun!

Kimmys' Kissables started with the idea of lip balm with jewelry hidden inside. Almost everyone loves lip balm and I thought what better way to purchase two products in one! Candles are beautiful and smell great but lip balm can be just as delicious and has skin hydrating benefits. Here are some additional benefits:

♥Lip Jewels lip balms are made with Coconut oil and Shea butter, both of which are EXTREMELY hydrating. 

♥Because they contain Coconut oil and Shea butter, you can use the product almost anywhere on your body! One customer uses it on their cuticles and another uses it on their tattoos! 

♥Beautiful jewelry comes in every Kimmy's Kissables treasures and you are guaranteed quality.

♥Affordable prices and cheaper shipping than most other similiar companies.

On top of all that, I also sacrifice a portion of my profits to ACTUALLY hide pieces of jewelry valued at $100 and more! It's never fun to always wonder if you are EVER going to find that elusive grand prize, so I make sure that they show up in my products quite frequently! So take a chance, you won't be disappointed with your purchase!

Every purchase not only comes with 1oz of soothing, great tasting lip balm or a great smelling candle but gorgeous, unique jewelry, as well.  And every product has the chance to contain jewelry valued at $1000! Bonus-you can even reuse the cute container when you are done!

Though the jewelry aspect of my product is exciting, let's focus on the benefits of the lip balm; Each lip balm contains coconut oil, shea butter, soy wax and essential oils.  This is the perfect combination for optimal skin care!

Skin Care Benefits

Coconut oil
Coconut oil contains saturated fats that, when applied topically, help the skin retain its moisture.  They do this by eliminating moisture loss through the pores, which helps keep the skin smooth to the touch.  Coconut oil also contains three fatty acids-Capric, Caprylic and Lauric acid; these act as a disinfectant and have antimicrobial properties.  Because of this, coconut oil will protect open wounds from microbial infections. And, in addition to all these great benefits, coconut oil also contains Vitamin E!  Vitamin E is essential for healthy skin growth- it prevents premature aging and wrinkles due to its antioxidant properties and repairs the wear and tear on the skin.

Shea Butter
Shea butter contains fatty acids, vitamins E and D and the provitamin A.  It is great for wrinkles, repairing scars, deeply moisturizing, skin strengthening and skin protecting.  It also protects your skin against the suns' UV rays, it heals burns and minor cuts, produces Collagen and is an anti-inflammatory.  This miracle ingredient can also protect the skin against dehydration and pollution.  Shea butter can revitalize the skin and is one of the best products for moisturizing. 


How It Works

Step 1
Buy a lip balm! This is the most important step!
*Great gift idea as well...*

Step 2
Use lip balm.  Dont' be shy! Slather it on- your lips will thank you!

Step 3
Your jewelry will start to be revealed. Now, this is the time where you have a very important decision to make; do you practice restraint and calmly use your lip balm until the jewelry comes out on its own or do you dig in with excitement because you can't handle the suspense
any longer? The choice is yours and neither of them are wrong!

Step 4
Okay...so you probably went with the second choice mentioned in Step 3.  That's okay! Your lip balm is thrashed but it's still usable and you didn't waste any valuable time getting to the prize!  The highly anticipated moment is here, so you will want to carefully open the tin foil that kept your jewelry safe this whole time. Just kidding! Tear that sucker open, too! 

Bling, Bling! What did you find?  A fashionable ring, a gorgeous necklace, a stunning pair of earrings or a sparkly bracelet? Remember, all jewelry is valued between $15 to $1000!!!

Step 6
Fasten jewelry to body, look glamorous, and repeat! Buy another lip balm for yourself or for a friend. And don't forget to use up that forgotten lip balm; you can even reuse the cute container when you are done!

Most importantly, have fun and don't forget to email me pictures of your reveals so I can not only share in the fun but will post them on my website, as well! FYI-the candles  work about the same way.  ;)



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